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हुलाक मञ्जुषा सेवा

Post Box is a facility provided for the reliable, secured and expeditious collection of postal items from the post office by Post Box holders. Postal users can subscribe Post Boxes from any of the post offices in Nepal that provide this facility. Post Boxes are rented out to the postal users against the payment of a fix deposit and annual charges, as provided below:

General Post Office Sundhara has started post box online service from the year 2008. From this service the client who has taken the online post box service can get information of parcel arrival to his post box by logging on website of GPO.


For new post box
Size Deposit Yearly Charge
Small Rs 2400 Rs 1200
Medium Rs 1500 Rs 750
Large Rs 1000 Rs 500
Additional charge For online post box Service (at GPO only)
Size Charge  
Small Rs 1200
Medium Rs 750
Large Rs 500